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Surface EMG Shorts Test

Achieving Goals


The EMG Shorts test will check out the balance of your major leg muscles to show your symmetry. Which can enhance your performance and help injury prevention.

“If a athlete is asymmetrical, one part of the body may have to work harder than the other to compensate for weakness. That doesn’t mean you’re definitely due for an injury, but it increases the likelihood. “Runners have some of the highest incidences of injuries, and a lot of that has to do with not properly fixing muscular imbalances.” Cyclist need to have their power through the whole cycle motion and balance out the quads, hamstrings and gluets to maximise their output. So identifying symmetry in your lower limbs is of vital importance for increased performance and injury prevention.

Test Protocol

Whilst wearing the Myontec Muscle Monitor shorts you will be asked to perform a series of weighted squat repetitions. You will perform upto 5 sets (10 squats per set) using a weighted barbell with an incremental amount of weight being added after each set performed. You will continue to perform squats until you reach your muscle fatigue threshold (identified by a break in your consistency and rhythm) where the test will finish.

The EMG shorts will monitor the activity in your hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes and show coordination and balances between them.

As one of the oldest measurement techniques in sport science, surface EMG is a reliable detector for muscle activity and can identify potential muscle strength and weaknesses. Using the data from the EMG readings, risk of injury can be identified as well and any muscle imbalances between right and left leg and quadriceps and hamstring ratio. Potential muscle strength can be identified and adds extra accuracy whist synchronised with other strength data scores.   

From the Surface EMG test you will identify:

  • Muscle Fatigue Threshold

  • Right and left muscle imbalances

  • Quadriceps and hamstring ratio

  • Muscle group balance and muscle group distribution amongst hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteus

  • Average and cumulative electrical muscle activation

  • Potential strengths and injury risks within the upper leg muscle groups 

Following the test you will receive structured feedback and training suggestions which can be integrated into you regular programme.

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Use of Mbody Pro in collecting and analyzing data in an actual training environment opens up a new dimension in objective muscular performance monitoring. Feedback from Mbody answers the questions of what is happening with muscles during the game or training, how muscles are behaving under different conditions and where majority of observed injuries occur.


Muscle Monitor - Muscle Fatigue Threshold & Training Zones

By detecting “Muscle fatigue threshold (MFT)” the Muscle Monitor gives you specific zones to focus your training on muscles. After simple test protocols the software calculates muscular threshold at which your muscles are performing optimally with regard to your current condition. When you train within different zones you improve your performance on each level: basic, speed and maximum endurance. You can define specific threshold for each discipline (running and cycling) separately or conduct simple “General MFT Test”. The MFT also provides you with progress monitoring over time when you repeat the test regularly