Lactate Threshold Test

This test will identify your personal lactate threshold turn point. This is when you move from an aerobic to anaerobic zone.

It’s not often that you’ll hear a runner or cyclist ask, ‘What zone are you in? or ‘What beats per minute are you running?’ It’s more common to hear ‘What’s the pace?’ to gauge how intense a workout will be. But heart-rate training uses – yes, you guessed it – your heart rate or beats per minute (bpm) as a guide to hitting a certain running or cycling intensity. Instead of training at a specific pace, you use a heart-rate monitor to train at a specific effort level for a set amount of time.
The test will provide us with your lactate turnpoint measured against your heart rate which we will collate into a report to show 5 different personalised training zones.
·       Interval Training Zone
·       Tempo Training Zone
·       Endurance Training Zone
·       Recovery Training Zone
·       Lactate Clearance Training Zone
We can adjust your heart rate watch to your personal heart rate training zones.
The idea behind heart rate-based training is that you train your aerobic system without overstressing your skeletal and muscular systems, is a different way to be successful and improve. ‘It doesn’t have to be ‘no pain, no gain,’ or going as hard as you possibly can, and it allows for continued improvements over time.
The cost of training watches has drastically reduced in the last few years and many will have a heart rate training option.

The cost of the Lactate Threshold Test is £85 and takes approximately 90 minutes.

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