General Physical Fitness Assessment

Achieving Goals


This assessment will provide you with a measurable fitness level to use as your benchmark which you can monitor from.

Many of us set fitness goals or take on fitness challenges without understanding how fit we really are. The assessment will provide  measurable values by testing the cardiovascular system, body strength and body flexibility. Your results will be shown against normative ranges for comparison and will provide a great platform for targeted training and a focus to develop your health and fitness levels.

Test Protocol

First you will fill out a health assessment form and we will take measurements of your height, weight, blood pressure and resting heart rate.
You will then undergo the following tests:
·       A weighted squat test to assess your lower body strength
·       A push up test to assess your upper body strength
·       A sit and reach test to assess the flexibility of your lower back and hamstring muscles
·       A plyometric jump test to show your explosive energy output
·       A Chester Step Test to assess your cardiovascular fitness
Your heart rate will be monitored and recorded throughout all the tests