EMG Shorts Assessment

The EMG Shorts test will check out the balance of your major leg muscles to show your symmetry. Which can enhance your performance and help injury prevention and help you understand your running gait. 

“If a athlete is asymmetrical, one part of the body may have to work harder than the other to compensate for weakness. That doesn’t mean you’re definitely due for an injury, but it increases the likelihood. “Runners have some of the highest incidences of injuries, and a lot of that has to do with not properly fixing muscular imbalances.” Cyclist need to have their power through the whole cycle motion and balance out the quads, hamstrings and gluets to maximise their output. So identifying symmetry in your lower limbs is of vital importance for increased performance and injury prevention.

EMG Shorts Assessment cost £39 and takes approximately 45 minutes

EMG Report - Chart 1.png