Fit2Go Body Screening

Being injured at work, during sport or even going about your day-to-day activities can cause a lot of distress and have financial, social and even psychological implications. The Fit2Go Body Screening Tool looks at multiple interactions to do with your Health, Lifestyle and Body. The Screening is led by a trained professional to highlight all the potential injury risk factors relevant to your activity. It will produce health and lifestyle advice that is tailored only to you and a specific exercise programme to further help you reduce your chances of injury. 

The Fit2Go Body Screen has been developed based on clinical evidence, by experienced and passionate physiotherapists working in musculoskeletal practice. The screening tool looks at multiple variables related to your Health, Lifestyle and Body. It integrates all these factors through complex algorithms. This produces a tailored risk assessment based on a traffic light system and highlights areas that are prone to injury.

The cost of the Fit2Go Body Screen is £120 and has 2 parts.

1st part: The assessments this takes 60 mins

2nd part: The follow up. This is where all results will be explained and guidance given as to what and how to improve. This takes 30 mins

Fit2Go HLB Chart.png