Body Composition Assessment

Achieving Goals


This assessment will identify your body fat and lean muscle percentage to help target weight loss and improve fitness

Body composition refers to the relative proportions of body weight in terms of lean body mass and body fat. Lean body mass represents the weight of muscle, bone, internal organs, and connective tissue. Body fat represents the remaining fat tissue. Body fat serves three important functions: 1. As an insulator to conserve heat. 2. Provides metabolic fuel to produce energy. 3. Acts as padding to cushion your internal organs. It’s essential to maintain some body fat, but an excess level poses a serious health risk.

Test Protocol

The body composition assessment uses the Jackson and Pollock 7-point test calculation using an ultrasound body fat reading at each point (Chest, Stomach, Thigh, Triceps, Subscapular, Hip, Midaxillary).

The test will identify body fat and lean muscle percentages using an ultrasound scanner which will help target weight loss and improve overall fitness. Traditional methods of just using weight or BMI do not allow for muscle weighing more than fat. This test will reflect an accurate body composition level by identifying the body fat percentage in a millimetre measurement against the lean muscle in the key 7 points of the body.

From the body composition assessment, you will identify:

  • Your body fat measurements in 7-points of your body

  • Your overall body fat percentage

  • Body circumference measurements

  • Hip to waist measurement ratio

  • BMI (Body Mass Index)

  • BMR (Body Metabolic Rate)

Following the test, you will receive structured feedback and suggestions which can be integrated in to you regular training programme or information to provide to a nutritionist.