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Consulting with Purpose

Making sports science available to help the general club athlete and not just the professionals became my ambition after completing my Sports and Science degree. The study taught me that the body can be easily tuned and adapted to increasing sporting performance as long as we understand its mechanics and work with its natural forces.

FitLab works out of Rosebank Sports a well established Sports Shop in Northwich, Cheshire. We provide a number of personal fitness tests and assessments to help you understand your body fitness capabilities and how they can be developed  to create greater speeds, balance, endurance and power whilst keeping free from any injury.

All test reports are detailed in an easy to understand format with the opportunity to discuss through.

We work with a number of local coaches,trainers, physios and nutritionist to help you implement your Train Smarter not Harder plan.

Jaynie Turner

Sports BS(Hons) in Exercise and Sport Science


Jaynie is so friendly and has great knowledge . I was a bit nervous about a lactate threshold test but Jaynie eased away my hesitancy and guided me through. I am now training well and looking forward to race days.

Gill Gibbons

The body composition assessment was really detailed and reassured me about my metabolic rate and how to feed on my long ultra runs.


I have got crazy feet but Jaynie soon explained on my biomechanical gait assessment how to support my medial arch and guided me to some great shoes that now look after me.


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FitLab 119 Witton Street, Northwich CW9 5DY

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